<transcy>Our story</transcy>

Quality from back then is hard to find because nowadays everything is mass-produced.

We are a family business based in Puchenau near Linz. As a family business, sustainable thinking is in our blood.

Everything we do, we do with passion. That's why we use only the highest quality materials and take our time in manufacturing.

We use real ship rope and only the best stainless steel. Everything made with love, cut to fit and carefully packed.

We do what we like best, and that is purely manual work, with the greatest care and attention to detail. Measuring, cutting, gluing, turning and packaging is something special for us and we think it shows. Our bracelets are made just-in-time, in small batches, with love.

Our success is based in large part on our values ​​as a family, and our bracelets must always deliver what the Sea King Bracelets name promises: superior quality, sustainability, long-term responsibility to our customers, the environment, and society. This is our top priority.

We live our profession and if you can feel it on your wrist, then we've done everything right.

Together we will walk the path to a goal-oriented future and hope you will accompany us a little bit.

With love,

The Sea King Bracelets Team